My Glowforge was a Mother's Day gift from my partner, Matt. As soon as I saw the order confirmation pop up on his phone (hey, it was out--I wasn't snooping!), I sat down to the serious business of learning to design.

 I just had too many ideas legitimately keeping me awake at night to bother purchasing other designers' files--I needed to bring my own ideas to life.

I spent the ENTIRE month it took for my Glowforge to arrive designing files that I could only hope would work properly.

I had pieced together what to do from what felt like dozens of tutorials, but it could have all been a waste.

When my Glowforge arrived, I hovered anxiously over it as it cut my first design--and thank goodness it was perfect.

Now, I'm showing you how to skip the 'hope a month of my life's work isn't a giant waste of time' phase and confidently bring your ideas to life.